Robin Williams’ Beard

Comedic actor Robin Williams
America’s funny man. America’s sad clown. A dramatic actor in his own right. Robin Williams was a king of American entertainment. While he started his Mork days clean-shaven, Williams knew his beard gave him his full authority. RIP.

David Letterman’s Beard

Late night king David Letterman
David Letterman was the heart of late night talk for a generation.  With his semi-retirement, he was free to unleash the full power of his beard. That means he should be announcing his run for president any day now. So we’re confident his presidential Top 10 lists would be epic.

Chris Evans’ Beard

Captain America in his grittier times
Yes, you trust Captain America to fight Nazis and keep that dipstick Iron Man in line. But when you need him to defend you from galactic terror, you’d better hope he’s got his beard in full effect.

Kristofer Hivju’s Beard

Actor Kristofer Hivju
Few figures have defined great bearddom in the 21st century as much as Kristofer Hivju. With a wink and a swing of his axe, he leads the way to the battle party.


Also, true bearded warriors sing to each other at the end of a harrowing day.

Sam Elliott’s Beard

Actor Sam Elliott
In the halls of manliness, Sam Elliott ranks alongside Ernest Hemingway and other greats. With a voice to match his mustache and occasional beard, he won’t lead you wrong.


Sam Elliott with a smile
Despite his entry in the dictionary under “gruff,” Elliott can show his mischievous side when required.

Michael Fassbender’s Beard

Actor Michael Fassbender
The Irish actor’s range stretches from drama to action to sci-fi.  While he started his career playing shorn characters, Fassbender usually powers his work with his excellent beard these days.

Mr. T’s Beard

Mr. T's beard
Don’t mess with Mr. T or his beard. If you find yourself the object of his pity, you likely have larger problems.


Mr. T Cereal
Eat your Mr. T cereal every morning and you can grow a world-class beard too. 

General Zod’s Beard

Terrance Stamp as General Zod
With a sneer from across the cosmos, General Zod’s tight beard played an integral role in his showdown with Kal-El.


General Zod's beard wins
And if you’ve ever scoffed at General Zod’s metrosexual fashion choices, just remember that he kicked our collective asses until Superman squeezed out a win. 
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